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Power Line EMC Filters

Standard Performance EMC Powerline

Two Line DC Filter Range

Two line DC power line filters feature a combination of feedthrough capacitors with high permeability toroidal current compensating inductors for high…

Standard Performance EMC Powerline

Two Phase Filter Range

This range of filters was specifically designed to provide optimum high performance filtering on special two line mains supplies where neither line is tied to neutral…

Clean Power Filter Range

The CleanPower range of filters for electrical connection to SP&N and TP&N mains distribution systems, are designed for use in industrial applications or EMC installations where…

400Hz Filter Range

This range of filters has been specifically designed for use on 400Hz systems and utilises capacitors with low loss dielectric material to minimise heat dissipation…


Installation Details

Typical installation details; cable entry options and outline dimension details for the MPE installation filter ranges.