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Standard Performance EMC Filter Range

From screened rooms to industrial power equipment, uncontrolled radio interference presents a common hazard. This range of filters is designed specifically for use on single and three phase mains, and has all the advantages of using current compensating inductors.

Extended Performance EMC Filter Range

This range of filters has been designed to meet the very highest insertion loss requirement of 100dB from 10kHz to 40GHz and features an extended low frequency performance to provide considerable filter attenuation at frequencies as low as 1kHz.

TEMPEST Pluggable Filters

A range of pluggable filters for use within TEMPEST applications, where protection compliant to SDIP-29 and equipment hardening to SDIP-27 is required . The filter range has been designed for use within unprotected power environments to ensure fitting and electrical installation is as quick and simple as possible.

Ultra Low Leakage EMC Filter Range

A range of two and three phase filters offering ultra low line to earth leakage. The filters provide high attenuation from 100kHz to 18GHz suitable for use in TEMPEST and other secure information handling applications. The filters are designed without a neutral line for use within floating line applications and have line to earth leakage current minimised, to allow up to 5 filters to utilised in parallel and remain below 30mA.

TEMPEST Application Notes

Application notes regard the MPE TEMPEST filter range, related topics and commonly asked questions.