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With a steadily growing multi million pound turnover, MPE provides solutions to many markets both within the UK and around the globe. Core to this steady growth has been MPE’s ability to develop a well-established and loyal customer base, soundly based on a proven track record of delivering quality products.

Historically, this proven track record was established within the UK defence industry with MPE supplying varied products to many sectors within this market. However, over the past 30 years, due to this proven record, MPE has been asked to supply many other markets and also many export territories.

Currently, whilst the defence sector remains core, MPE have established customers within the automotive, mass transportation, medical, telecoms and EMC test markets. Further to this, approximately 55% of products manufactured are now exported outside the UK. Territories served include most of Europe; the Far East; India; parts of Africa and the USA with new markets continually coming on line.

As a result of this, MPE have an established and knowledgeable distributor network in many territories to ensure that design requests and product requirements are met with maximum efficiency.



Defence represents MPE’s longest standing market and MPE have worked and continue to work, closely with many users, manufacturers and compliance authorities within this sector. MPE have a broad range of established product which has been designed and manufactured specifically for this market and complies with the required military standards. Many applications have been addressed, including mobile & tactical shelters; control & command centres; along with high profile airborne and naval platforms. More recently, upon request and to meet the ever changing nature of this market, MPE have developed and manufactured a full range of HEMP protection filters all independently tested and compliant to MIL-STD-188-125.

Military Vehicle

MPE have been supplying the needs of the military vehicle market for over 40 years. This wealth of experience has enabled MPE to establish a range of MOTS (military-off-the-shelf) filters to meet the suppression requirements specific to these applications. Many designs have been developed in conjunction with the users and manufacturers of these vehicles and meet the requirements of many military specifications, such as DEF STAN 59-411 and MIL-STD-461


A market with many specific requirements, not least those of size, weight and cost effectiveness. MPE has manufactured and supplied many suppression products to address specific inference problems established at either the vehicle trial or post launch phase. Inherently, this often means that whilst MPE’s designs must be compliant, they are also developed to fit constrained envelopes, where no allowance as originally made for any filtering and also in a form that is repeat manufacturable, in high volumes.

Mass Transportation

Whilst still an emerging market, many of the identified needs are similar in nature to those MPE has encountered and met within other more established sectors. MPE has been able to employ the knowledge and experience gained within other sectors to deliver product to meet the bespoke interference problems arising within both the mobile and infrastructure aspects of this sector.


Whilst the Medical sector is probably the most disparate from MPE’s defence origins and the meeting of performance criteria of the upmost importance, niches within this market, have been and continue to be addressed by MPE product. Prime examples are MRI or other hospital scanning departments where any level of EMC interference cannot be tolerated.


MPE have a wealth of experience and an established track record of providing bespoke product within this sector. Product has been supplied to address many disparate applications including satellite ground stations and antenna arrays both within the UK and overseas. MPE continues to supply product to many blue-chip applications with particular focus given to the repeatability and high volume nature of the designs.

EMC Test

MPE work closely with the EMC test communities that operate within all of the previously mentioned sectors. MPE have particularly strong relationships with the leading test houses here in the UK as well as in the USA and the emerging far Eastern markets. MPE have acted and continue to act both in a customer supply capacity, provided shielded room filter products and in a customer friend/collaborative capacity to explore solutions to new problems arising during test phases.