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Overview: Range of high performance filters for use within TEMPEST applications, where protection compliant with SDIP-29 and equipment hardening to SDIP-27 B/C is required.
Applications: TEMPEST security.
Design Benefits: Optimum performance across the full frequency range, cost effective, varied cable entry & connection options

Filtered Connectors

Overview: Capabilty to incorporate levels of EMC suppression within many existing connector formats available from many connector manufacturers or alternatively, incorporate connector manaufacturer's existing formats as an interface to MPE's feedthrough range

Control Line Filters

Ranges of single and multi-line filters suitable for filtering of both ac and dc control lines on shielded rooms and general installations.

Telephone Line Filters

A range of high performance communications filters designed for carrying analogue telephone circuits into shielded rooms and communications hubs and also used as in-line filters for information security applications.

Data Line Filters

A range of high performance communications filters designed to carry digital data circuits into shielded rooms or communications hubs and also used as in-line filters for information security applications.

Vehicle Filters

A range of EMC filters designed specifically for use within vehicle platforms including standard and custom variants and offering both chassis mounting and bulkhead mounting options.

Ceramic Filters (MSKs)

A range of hermetically sealed ceramic filters suitable for the filtering of power lines and signal lines. Their circuit configuration provides optimum performance and an exceptional level of impedance. Three variants are available and many 100,000s of units have been manufactured and supplied into service across the past 25 years.

Power Line EMC Filters

Overview: Range of high performance filters including AC & DC, standard, extended, low leakage and 400Hz designs in both single and three phase options
Current rating: 5A to 2400A
Voltage Rating: 250V DC & 115 – 440V AC
Applications: Shielded rooms, tactical and mobile shelters, computer suites, EMC, EMP protection systems and TEMPEST
Design Benefits: High insertion loss, very low heat dissipation, ultra small footprint, cost effective, varied cable entry options

HEMP & IEMI Filters

Overview: High performance range of power, telephone & control filters designed for pulse performance and fully compliant to MIL-STD-188-125
Current Rating: 6A to 1200A
Voltage Rating: 250V/440V & 277V/480V
Applications: Any military or commercial applications where HEMP protection is a requirement
Design Benefits:
Designed for pulse performance
Compact footprint
Minimal weight
Multi line designs available
No paralleling


Overview: AC/DC, standard, high & extended range performance options, high current
Current Rating: 10A to 500A
Voltage Rating: 130V to 250V AC, 30V to 600V DC
Applications: Telecoms, base stations, IT equipment, servers, medical, process control, defence, power supplies
Design Benefits:
Minimal footprint
Self healing plastic film capacitors utilised
Threaded terminals for bulkhead mounting
High capacitance value
Cost effectiveness

Equipment Filters

Overview: High performance, general purpose, single and three phase designs
Current Rating: 1A to 100A
Voltage Rating: 250V AC, 100V DC
Applications: Switched mode power supplies; communications systems
Design Benefits:
Very wide frequency performance range
Self healing capacitors technology utilised
Bulkhead or chassis mounting

Applications Notes

Applications notes regarding the MPE product range, related topics and commonly asked questions