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Engineering Team

Mark Joyce MIET – Engineering Manager

Mark completed his apprenticeship gaining his EITB Electrical/Electronic Engineering accreditations with IMI Yorkshire Copper Tube, then going on to study his BTECH in electrical/electronic engineering at Kirkby College. Mark has been a Member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology (MIET) for over 10 years and prior to MPE, Mark has a history of leading engineering and design teams within the electrical automation and robotic industry. Away from MPE, Mark’s interests include outdoor activities with his family and ‘off roading’ in 4X4 vehicles.


John Lindsay MPhys (Hons) – Design Engineer


John graduated from the University of Liverpool with a Master of Physics degree. His studies included a dissertation on spectroscopic investigations into nuclear rotational level schemes. John’s role with MPE spans many engineering tasks but primarily, he is responsible for designing technical solutions in response to customer requests, research and development testing of new prototype models and the continuous design improvement of the current MPE product portfolio.

Satnam Singh – Design Engineer

Having worked within a research and development environment on a wide range of power control electronics, Satnam has 35 years’ experience within electronics test, electronic control and electronic project development. With an in depth appreciation of EMI and EMC issues in circuit design, Satnam has supported test house accreditation of newly developed products and at MPE, is involved in the design and development of new and existing products.

Dave Glazebrook – Mechanical Design Engineer

MPE_13_2_2013_064Originally working on custom electric vehicle and military vehicle design, David has over 35 years’ experience within mechanical design and manufacturing. For the past 25 years, David has worked within filter design, ranging from individual feedthrough design through to multimillion pound turnkey custom filter installations. In addition to his vast experience of custom filter design, David also has a deep and practical understanding of the deployment of filter products into project applications. Away from MPE, David is a keen golfer, and can often be seen in the rough, on any given weekend.

Dave Rimmer BEng (Hons) – Design Engineer

On joining MPE in 2003, Dave’s primary focus was the design of a HEMP filter range capable of meeting all requirements of MIL-STD-188-125.  Subsequent to this, Dave has been involved as the lead engineer on various other filter ranges within the MPE portfolio including many custom installation designs and EMC test and verification work.