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MPE Presents ‘Design For Reliability’ Paper

During the recent Amerem conference which took place in New Mexico, USA, Will Turner of MPE presented a paper on the design of high current HEMP filters for reliability.

It is common knowledge and accepted fact within the HEMP community, that some other manufacturers have experienced filter failure rates way above the level acceptable to end users and installers alike. These filter failures have directly contributed to numerous cases of extensive and costly remedial works. However, of over 6,000 lines of HEMP filtering manufactured and shipped, MPE has  experienced a zero failure rate and further to this, many of these installed MPE filter units have now been in continuous service for many years.

So in direct response to requests from the industry, MPE delivered it’s paper discussing the common contributing factors to failures within high current HEMP filters and how, utilizing best practice design and manufacture, MPE overcomes these and ensures that the MPE HEMP filter units offer an unparalled level of reliability.

An abstract for the paper delivered by Will Turner, MPE, can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

AMEREM 2014 MPE Abstract