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EMP Solutions –Tecnologia Militar

MPE Ltd Supplies combat proven EMC Solutions

British manufacturer MPE Ltd develops and manufactures capacitive and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) filtering solutions for military vehicles and mobile tactical cockpits. this equipment is used on the battlefield to protect computer systems, telecommunications, radar, power sources, and portable electronic devices from the danger of high-energy EM pulses.

These pulses can affect all incoming conductive lines, including power, data, phone, and control lines. Other typical military applications for EMP filters offered by MPE Ltd are in the field of field generators, radar installations, satellite ground stations and shielded rooms. All lines in these multi-line EMP filters have high-energy transient suppressors, such as spark gaps or silicon avalanche diodes, at the input terminals.

For use in combat zones, homeland defence and homeland security, MPE supplies a sub-category of EMP filters, High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulsed (HEMP), which help safeguard equipment and systems against the potentially devastating effects of nuclear explosions in the atmosphere. The pulses caused by such an event could knock out all of our military computer and communications networks, as well as civil and commercial infrastructure.

From its design facility in Liverpool MPE Ltd has grown, over its 85 years of business, to be a world leader in the design and manufacture of EMC filtering and capacitive solutions. During this period thousands of EMC filters and power capacitors have entered service and have been (Photo: MPE Ltd) tested under the harshest operating conditions for almost all the major OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in the automotive industry. As a long-standing supplier to the UK Ministry of Defence, NATO and militaries around the world, MPE holds all major defence and international certifications and standards and has the knowledge, experience and products to protect all equipment class on military vehicles, including AIFVS (Armoured Fighting Vehicles), APCs (Armoured Personnel Carrier Vehicles), warships and submarines, weapon systems, mobile tactical cockpits, radars as well as information facilities.

Their most recent projects for the British Army include vehicles such as the CHALLENGER 2 main battle tank and a variety of armoured vehicles such as the COYOTE, HUSKY, JACKAL, MASTIFF, PANTHER, RIDGEBACK, TERRIER, TITAN, TROJAN, WARRIOR and WOLFHOUND. Many of these military vehicles have been used by UK forces in the current conflict in Afghanistan. Another state-of-the-art program featuring EMC solutions from MPE is the current WATCHKEEPER tactical UAV system, which is used by the British Armed Forces for all-weather ISTAR. EMC devices have also been delivered for the FALCON broadband battlefield communications system and the British military communications satellite SKYNET 5.

MPE products meet the latest military requirements. High power capacitors are being installed in military equipment, which are being used to deal with CBRN weapons and explosives such as IEDs and mines buried in roads. A significant example is the installation of capacitors in the power supply unit (PSU) of the NORMANS Self-Protection Adaptive Roller Kit, also called SPARK. The SPARK is mounted on many Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected (MRAP) all-terrain armoured vehicles deployed by the US Army in Afghanistan.

Another project is mobile tactical cabins. They can enhance the command’s ability to mobilize, deploy, manoeuvre, and support forces. These cabins of steel or light aluminium alloy have been of the NORMANS. Designed to have a high strength-to-weight ratio, they range from small, trailer-mounted models, through 20-foot ISO containers that are positioned using cranes or forklifts, to large ISU units that can be moved hanging from an aircraft, which normally moves to the position by means of a CHINOOK helicopter.

To this end, Ingebrigtsen. MPE supplies EMP filters that offer a TEMPEST level of performance. The filters for TEMPEST (Transient Electro-Magnetic Pulse Emanation Standard), prevent illegal eavesdropping of data radiated as signals from computers and peripherals, through conductive lines such as power, telephone or control cables. (Stefan Nitschke).

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