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Keeping it Cool with MPE HEMP Filters

Following a very rigorous and extensive design proving exercise, MPE were awarded the contract to supply a quantity of its unique 1200A HEMP filters, for installation within a critical defence application in Virginia, USA. The contract award was made via MPE’s distributor in the USA, Technical Sales Solutions (TSS).

Whilst HEMP protection in accordance with the Mil-Std-188-125 was a pre-requisite, site specifics and issues previously encountered within the application meant that equipment performance under operational load and at operational temperature was of equal importance. Of particular concern was the heat rise and heat dissipation performance of any HEMP filters to be installed.

Following numerous visits to site by both MPE and TSS, MPE was asked to provide both documented laboratory and site test analysis, regarding a number of factors including the harmonic and temperature performance of its 1200A HEMP filters. MPE therefore conducted an extensive period of testing in order to provide all of the information requested. Specifically, MPE conducted a 24 hour temperature rise test, including current overload tests in accordance with UL1283 and the Army Corp of Engineers specification. As MPE’s 1200A HEMP filters have been installed within operational sites for many years, in addition to this laboratory testing, MPE were also able to provide a wealth of operational filter information.

MPE supplied all of the 1200A filters, along with several smaller current filters to the site within 12 weeks of receiving the contract award. Following supply, installation was carried out by Directed Energy Technologies (DeTech) based in Sumerduck, Virginia, during 2016.
The methodical and extensive design proving activity, coupled with MPE’s well-established 1200A design, ensured a seamless and swift installation process, with all filters now having been in operation within this critical application for some time. Subsequently, MPE has also supplied its 1200A HEMP filters to other US Department of Defence applications.