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Foxhound EMC Protection

MPE supplies two different EMC protection filters for the British Army’s Foxhound light protected patrol vehicle (LPPV), designed and built in the UK to support the Ministry of Defence’s operations.

Incorporating individually filtered lines and self-healing feedthrough capacitors, these high-reliability, high-performance products are custom solutions to suit their applications, initially derived from MPE’s standard product range for military vehicles. They comprise a 52A, three-line filter for the compressor pump motor and a 7A, four-line filter for the windscreen wiper motor. The latter provides an integrated solution which assists the wiper motor in complying with the stringent EMI/RFI suppression requirements of DEF STAN 59-411 Land Class A.

The 7.5t, mine-protected Foxhound features a V-shaped hull, which provides maximum protection to the crew. The hull, running the entire length of the vehicle, also includes the driveline, main fuel tank, generator, batteries and power pack. The Foxhound affords better flexibility and protection against IEDs, mines and roadside bombs than other light patrol vehicles and so replaced the British Army’s Snatch Land Rover in the theatre of war in Afghanistan.

At a maximum payload of 2,000kg, the highly versatile Foxhound can reach a maximum speed  of 110km/h, and its GVW is 7,500kg. The vehicle is 5.3m long x 2.3m high x 2.1m wide, whilst the four-wheel steering provides it with a turning circle of 12m. The Ministry of Defence chose the name Foxhound to bring it into line with its other protected wheeled vehicles such as the Mastiff, Ridgeback and Wolfhound, all of which again feature feedthrough and military vehicle filters from MPE.