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MPE Company Bulletin

MPE People

MPE in 2017 . . . a year of impressive growth

MPE’s sales continued to grow in 2017 and have risen by some 30% across the last three years. Again, 2017 saw record-breaking levels of export business, with strong growth from South Korea, Turkey and the USA. MPE delivered solutions for very high profile projects such as the Presidential and National Voice Conferencing system protecting Air Force One. Back at base we have invested heavily in our Engineering and Manufacturing teams, building improvement and new equipment, but perhaps the most important aspect is that our head count increased by some 27% over the year.

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Spotlight on Marcus Wright

Marcus Wright has joined MPE in the newly created position of Manufacturing Manager. His priorities will be to review, develop and improve all production processes, including their physical layout and operating procedures. He will be using Lean Manufacturing techniques to move the company to the “next level” and accommodate the significant increase in throughput made necessary by MPE’s rapid sales growth worldwide. He aims to improve the organisation and planning of how product moves through the factory, eliminating waiting time between processes, uneven workloads and non-value-added activity.

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MPE Technology

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) compliance

During the last quarter of 2017 Technical Sales Solutions (TSS), MPE’s Gold Certified Partner for the USA, spearheaded the testing of MPE’s HEMP filter solutions in accordance with USACE and UFGS requirements. This has resulted in a single report providing all required USACE and UFGS compliance information. Both MPE’s standard performance and extended performance HEMP filters were tested, with the tests being conducted by Directed Energy Technologies (DeTech) in Virginia, Intertek Testing Laboratories in Michigan and MPE in Liverpool.

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Launch of new TEMPEST filters for navies

In response to market trends and direct enquiries, MPE has developed a range of TEMPEST protection filters for installation within naval applications. The new range comprises high-performance two-, three- and four-wire variants with low line-to-earth current leakage. The filters support system and equipment compliance with the overarching requirements of NATO TEMPEST SDIP-27 and SDIP-29 Standards. The new range includes models from 16A through to 125A, providing high levels of attenuation from 100kHz right up to 10GHz – and with extremely low line-to-chassis leakage properties from 16.6mA down to 3.6mA.

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MPE Distributor News

Partner Program launched by MPE

MPE has launched a Distribution Partner Program, providing partners with a clear view of the expectations MPE has of them and, in return, the significant benefits and support associated with partner status. The Program is a tiered structure with four distinct levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. This allows the setting of goals for each partner, whilst enabling MPE to apply a uniform approach to, and measurement of, all partners in all territories, however new or well established. Here Mr Jun Sun Park, CEO of Eretec, Inc, receives his company’s Gold Partner award.

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Oman added to MPE distribution

With demand for its EMC and EMP filters continuing to grow across the Middle East, MPE has seen its activity in the region increase significantly over the past two years. As a result, following comprehensive territory research and in territory visit activities, MPE is pleased to announce the appointment of Khimji Ramdas LLC as its distribution partner for the Sultanate of Oman. Headquartered in Muscat, the Khimji Ramdas group has been established for some 147 years and is recognised as a market leader in consumer, infrastructure and industrial sectors alike.

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MPE Applications

Filters for high-speed digital data

MPE has developed a new four-line filter for use on 9600 baud rate digital datalines on a mobile radar application in the USA. The system itself was to be, wherever possible, compliant with the HEMP protection requirements of the current MIL-STD-188-125, but also, amongst other stipulations, high-speed data equipment needed to be protected for operation in command-and-control shelters. The challenge that MPE met was to configure circuits which have a high input inductance in conjunction with surge suppression devices providing minimal residual pulse let-through, whilst not affecting the required data signals.

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Filters for Airbus A330 refuelling tanker

MPE is currently manufacturing filter solutions incorporated into Kappa Optronics GmbH’s Enhanced AAR Vision Systems for in-flight surveillance on various aircraft including the state-of-the-art Airbus A330 air-to-air refuelling tanker transport (MRTT). Size and weight were significant factors and proved to be among the most challenging design aspects for MPE. Following design meetings facilitated by Bronze-Certified territory distributor Electrade GmbH and held at Kappa’s facility in north-western Germany, a development program was conducted at MPE, resulting in a two-line, 28V DC equipment filter solution for scheduled deliveries over the coming years.

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