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Fixing Kits – Power Line Filters


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These high quality fixing kits have been designed to provide an RFI tight bulkhead penetration for cables to facilitate fixing of rectangular filters to bulkheads or walls of shielded enclosures. They make it easier to achieve a full RFI seal between filter case and bulkhead up to the highest frequencies, which is not usually achievable with standard electrical conduit fittings due to badly fitting threads.

Each bulkhead fixing kit comprises a penetration tube complete with nuts, heavy duty washers, gaskets, and end bushes for cable protection. The main components are made from electro-tinned steel.

The fixing kit is ordered by specifying the MPE part number in the table below.

Fixing screw sets are also available separately. These are made from electro-tinned steel and comprise a set of four screws each with washers, nuts, and spring washers. They are selected by choosing the thread size appropriate to the filter fixing hole diameter.


Cable Entry Hole Diameter (mm) MPE Part Number Bulkhead Thickness up to 20mm
16 807146
20 807147
25 807148
32 807149
40 807150
50 807151
63 807152
75 807153

Fixing Screw Sets

Fixing Hole Diameter (mm) Screw Thread Size MPE Part Number Bulkhead Thickness up to 20mm
4.5 M4 806950
5.5 M5 806951
7 M6 806952
9 M8 806953
11 M10 806954
13 M12 806955
17 M16 806956
21 M20 806957