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Commercial HEMP Equipment Filter


A 10A HEMP equipment filter meeting the pci requirements of IEC61000-4-24 pulses for severity levels 1 and 2. Both lines feature individual inductive input to offer good continuous wave EMC performance and superior transient handling performance even on supplies with low source impedance. The filter includes HEMP and EMC filtering components thus reducing the need for a seperate EMC input filter for the equipment. This filter is primarily designed to protect individual items of equipment against the E1 pulse as part of a staged protection system as described within the MPE commercial HEMP protection filters brochure.


  • 250V 50/60Hz 10A current rating
  • 120V and 277V versions upon request
  • Utilise MPE self-healing feedthrough capacitors
  • Compact size and low weight
  • Built in transient suppressors
  • UL94-V0 insulating materials used
  • Exceeds IEC 950 and UL1283 requirements
  • Very cost effective


Rated Voltage 250Vac 50/60Hz (120V and 277V on request)
Test Voltage 2250Vdc each line to case
Discharge Resistors Fitted internally from each line to case
Discharge Time to below 34V <30s
Maximum Temperature Rise on Full Load 25ºC
Full Load Operating Temperature Range -40ºC to +50ºC
Maximum Leakage Current per line at 250Vac 50Hz See table
Peak Surge Current 15kA (8/20μs)
Insertion Loss See graph within product range brochure


MIL STD 188-125-1 acceptance test, short pulse current injection, wave shape 20/500ns
Input pulse amplitude 250A 500A 1000A 1800A 2500A
IEC61000-4-24 residual requirement – severity level 1 <353A <353A <353A <353A <353A
IEC61000-4-24 residual requirement – severity level 2 <50A <50A <50A <50A <50A


Part Number Current Rating (A) @50ºC No of Lines Max Leakage Current per Line (mA) Max DC Volt Drop per Line (mV) Major Dimensions (mm) Approx. Weight


Length Width Depth
DS33823 10 2 3.5 0.15 120 100 35 750

*Current derating between 50ºC and 85ºC Iθ = IR

 Commercial HEMP Protection Filters