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400Hz EMC Filter Range


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This range of filters has been specially designed for use on 400Hz systems and utilises capacitors with low loss dielectric material to minimise heat dissipation. By using coupled choke designs, it has been possible to provide a good performance with comparatively low capacitance values and hence reactive current, but it must be remembered that at 400Hz, reactive current can be significant and this current has to be supplied by the generator as well as the load current.

Many 400Hz supplies have high levels of harmonic content. This can cause additional heating within filters, so if this is known to be the case, it is better to select a filter of higher current rating than would otherwise be required. In extreme cases of harmonic content, please contact our technical department for advice.

All MPE installation filters are tested using the test methods defined within the following standards and meet or exceed the relevant performance and/or safety criteria defined within these standards:

CISPR17:2011/BS EN 55017:2011
LVD 2014/35/EU


Rated Voltage
Single Phase Filters
115V a.c. 400Hz
Three Phase Filters
115/200V a.c. 400Hz
Rated Current
As tabulated
Insertion Loss
100dB from 100kHz to 10GHz
Maximum Temperature Rise on Full Load
Operating Temperature Range on Full Load
-45°C to +50°C
Maximum Full Load Heat Dissipation
As tabulated
Maximum Volt Drop per line at Full Load d.c. Current
As tabulated
Discharge time to below 34V
30s maximum


Current Rating (A) MPE Part Number Performance Curve Volt Drop (mV) Heat Dissipation (W) Major Dimensions (mm) Case Size (see Installation Details Page Installation Details) Approx Weight (kg)
Single Phase (+N)
6 DS25900 3 500 5 310 175 90 a 8
10 DS25901 3 500 11 310 175 90 a 8
32 DS25902 3 500 22 550 205 95 e 16
63 DS25903 3 500 50 550 205 105 f 20
100 DS25904 3 500 60 640 205 120 i 22
200 DS25905 3 500 120 660 475 135 u 60
Three Phase (+N)
6 DS23700 3 500 7 310 350 90 b 16
10 DS23605 3 500 15 310 350 90 b 16
32 DS23606 3 500 50 550 410 95 g 22
63 DS23607 3 500 70 550 410 110 h 32
100 DS23608 3 500 70 660 410 135 j 45
200 DS25907 3 500 160 660 575 150 v 70


All types can be supplied with integral transient suppression fitted between each input terminal and earth.

Varistor rating : 150V a.c. 80 Joules (10/1000µs)

Other varistor ratings can also be supplied. To specify the transient suppressed version, suffix V is added to the filter part number (see ordering code).


The standard cable entry consists of an end conduit entry hole on the filter input (supply) side and a base conduit exit hole on the output (load) side.

Filters can be supplied with other cable entry positions if required upon request. Please refer to Installation Details page.

To facilitate installation of these filters, separate fixing kits are available to suit bulkhead panel thicknesses up to 20mm. Please refer to fixing kits product page.


DS XXXXX / X / X e.g. DS25900CV

Filter Part Number

Suffix C for standard cable entry
For other cable entries, see Installation Details page

Add suffix V for transient suppressed filter